Phase 1 Life Chem Tank Terminal 2007

Started with 7 Tanks. Total Capacity of 6000 CBM. 3 underground pipelines

Phase 3 Life Petrochem Tank Terminal 2013

Added 2 more tanks. Capacity of 3000 CBM Total Capacity reached to 15000 CBM

Phase 2 Life Petrochem Tank Terminal 2010

Strategic Joint Venture with Petrochem Middle East. Added 4 more Tanks. Capacity of 6000 CBM. Total capacity reached to 12,000

Phase 4 Life Petrochem Tank Terminal 2016

Become first Tank Terminal in market with SS tanks. Added 3 more tanks & 1 SS underground Pipeline. Capacity of 4250 CBM Total Capacity reached to 19,250 CBM

Life Petrochem Tank Terminal

Improved the tank terminal capability with latest technology of operating tank terminal (Fire Fighting, Gauges, Fire Alarm, .. Etc.)

The company is iso certified